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About Me

My love for photography all started when a young boy handed a Minolta XG9, back in the dark room days -a few years ago! After attending the Art Institute of Atlanta and Georgia State University, I married that same boy and we have been together over 25 years. We have a daughter who recently graduated UGA and moved to Boulder CO.  My son finished HS and is now a US Marine... OOH RAH!  Both my kids have grown up too quickly and I have been trying to press the pause button for some time now! We have 2 dogs I picked up at Walmart and a cat that took us in. I talk easily to strangers, try to laugh at myself as much as possible and try to not sweat the small stuff!

My desire to create certain images lead me to learn digital photography and photoshop. I am a self taught digital photographer who believes simple goes a very long way. 

Whether you are celebrating a new baby or your family on a summer evening, it is precious to me. Life is so fast and busy. Filling your home with images of love and togetherness so your family can enjoy each day is priceless. This is where I get my inspiration. I would love to work with you to help tell your story with beautiful pictures.

I am a PPA (Professional Photographers Association) member. I am also very fortunate to be able to travel and work with some of the greatest photographers in the world. 

Thank you for considering me to capture your family milestones and special years in images. It is truly my ultimate goal to create beautiful portraits for you to enjoy for years.